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Our Team

Nicolas Grundmann, MD, Founder and Medical Dirrector

Founder, Medical Director

Nico Grundmann, MD/MBA

Nico is a practicing Emergency Medicine Physician, devoted to improving how healthcare systems operate for those who need it the most. Working in emergency rooms from suburban California, to inner-city New York, to rural West Virginia, Nico grew frustrated by how frequently he was treating acute symptoms of mental health without helping his patients with more sustained, long term solutions. Many years of working with ketamine as a safe medicine for sedation prompted continuous research of the drug's efficacy for other conditions, including depression. Nico founded Ember Health as a way to help individuals take control of their lives, and contribute to the shaping of a field in line with his values.

Dr. Grundmann pursued his residency training at Kings County Hospital / SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, NY, and received his Medical Degrees and Masters in Business Administration from Stanford University. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and family.

Tiffany Franke, Founder, Chief Experience Officer

Founder, Chief Experience Officer

Tiffany Franke

A strategy consultant by training, Tiffany has devoted her career to using business as a force for environmental and social change. She is passionate about understanding and improving systems, and has worked extensively in the healthcare arena with leading innovators from Boston Children's Hospital, Pfizer, and the Texas Medical Center. At Ember, Tiffany is focused on all of the details of the patient experience - from the design of the space, to the reading material provided - as well as the health and longevity of Ember as an organization.

Tiffany received her BA from Yale University, and her Master's Degree in Sustainability Leadership from Cambridge University. While formal education set a firm foundation, her greatest learning has been through travel and work in over 50 countries. Tiffany lives in Brooklyn Heights with her husband, and does all she can to live her values, driven by an insatiable curiosity and desire to do right by her family, her friends, and the world.


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Making our mark

We aspire to live our values every day through the work we do at Ember.


Improve lives and communities

We believe in the boundless potential of humans at their best. We also realize that depression can be a crippling condition that affects not only individuals in realizing their full potential, but whole families and communities.  We've seen the power of ketamine to help people reground their lives, and take back power and control. We're excited to be a part of this movement, and want to do our part in making treatment safe, ethical, enjoyable, and accessible for those who need it.

Minimize our waste

We're aware that medical supply sourcing and disposal is a major consideration in our line of work. We take care to ensure that all of our equipment meets the highest standards of safety and social and environmental efficacy. We work with partners to manage our waste responsibly, and contribute to recycling efforts of material wherever possible to minimize our ecological footprint.

Expand access to care

We realize that ketamine therapy will only reach all of those in need once it is consistently reimbursed by healthcare insurance. In working with secure, HIPAA compliant data partners and methodically tracking our approach, we are contributing to the base of evidence needed to make the case for widespread reimbursement of ketamine therapy.

Support creative endeavors & the arts

We are passionate patrons of the arts. We also realize that the most creative members of our society are often among the most susceptible to depression. We partner with select artists and their communities to provide education and more affordable access to ketamine therapy. Our space is filled with the work of artists from around the world, from our wall hangings to coffee table books. We regularly host the work of local artists in our space and feature musical compositions composed by modern day musicians in our community.

Work with and fairly reward the best talent

As we grow our team, our ambition is to work with among the most compassionate and talented professionals in the field. We believe in treating our people right - through fair compensation and benefits, focus on work-life balance, a thoughtful and supportive working environment, and attention to growth and development. Visit our career page to learn about open positions at Ember Health