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Infusion Nurse & Patient Care Navigator

About the Company

Ember Health is a fast growing organization addressing depression through infusions of ketamine in a safe, monitored medical environment. We are committed to building the business around three core concepts:

  • A patient-centered experience: Too often in healthcare, we treat the symptom without regard for the whole person. At Ember, we make every decision and design choice based on the safety, comfort, and convenience of our patients. Trust is paramount to us, and we do everything we can to build and protect it.

  • An ecosystem of support: Ember Health is a complement to, not a replacement for existing mental health care services. We see ketamine as one pillar in a larger care plan, and rely on a two-way dialogue to help each patient and their doctor define how ketamine plays a role in their wellness.

  • Evidence based, personal care: Ketamine infusions are a cutting edge treatment for depression. We follow the latest reports & research to ensure the best results at the highest standards of care. We contribute to research and clinical data to ensure that relief is available to all who need it.

We aim to live our values by operating with the highest degree of integrity, compassion, and excellence. As this requires distinctive talent, we are building a team slowly and carefully. Each member plays an integral part of creating a truly transformative solution in the field of mental health. We take great care to ensure that the moral character of every employee and partner is aligned with our vision of making a positive and lasting difference in people’s lives.

To learn more about ketamine for depression, you may visit our frequently asked questions and reference external resources we’ve organized on the topic.